Visit a traditional Mallorcan house

In the past, a traditional Mallorcan house was a microcosm. With its own laws and cultures. We want to show you this fascinating way of life. Our objective is to surprise you.

Learn what a traditional estate in Mallorca is like and how it was lived in

Mallorca Native teaches you the island’s traditions.

The vast majority of visitors to Mallorca do not expect to find the “small jewels” found in the rustic estates around the island. We are talking about the “possesssó”, the great traditional Mallorcan house.

These huge traditional Mallorcan houses were authentic mills which produced everything necessary to survive or thrive, depending on which social structure you belonged to.

They were a real microcosm. They had laws and a life of their own.They were inhabited by aristocratic families and their entourage of servants, cooks, day laborers… that, on many occasions, exceeded one hundred people.

Today, the vast majority of them are private properties, and are closed to the rest of society.

Would you like to be able to get into a private traditional Mallorcan house? We’ll take you in.

So that you can get to know, and enjoy, the surroundings, we will go for a gentle walk in the mountains. It is a path formerly used to connect s’Horta with the Port de Sóller.

Along the way, you will get to find out information about the Sierra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site.

You will be able to take advantage of the scenery by taking photos of the island’s most traditional natural places, which you will never forget.

And when we need a bit of a break, we will make a stop at an authentic Mallorcan house. A “possessió”.T

There, greeted by the owners, you can taste a refreshing natural orange juice, fruit of the harvest from the same farm, and you will know what life was like in this unusual environment.

We will tell you what “the social structure of Mallorca was like in the past, which is still reminiscent in today’s society.

You will see how they lived, how they cooked, how they worked and how they related between the island’s different social groups.

Through this immersion into the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a great time and bringing you an experience that you will never forget, you will offer families who show their cultural day-to-day legacy, the opportunity to continue to do so.

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