Unique spaces

Singular spaces are those that remain in your memory eternally

A unique venue or route is an essential ingredient for an event.

We want to show you places that are unusual because of their characteristics or their surroundings.

A simple stroll can become an experience

Mallorca Native can plan a route through unique places for you, whenever you want.

Our philosophy when creating an experience is to achieve a content that is as important as its container.

Isn’t it true that a good gift is even better when it is well wrapped?

Our aim is to offer you spaces that provide sensations. As well as facts and clues about their past.

For us, the word uniqueness means exclusivity. We provide the exclusivity that our clients demand by accompanying them to places that they could not access on their own.

We walk along trails that are rarely travelled and along routes that have always been there, but which only a few people know about. Those who were born in this land.

We organise routes with a common thread. From start to finish. Would you like a monograph? We’ll arrange it for you.
Would you prefer a set of themes? We’ll organise this for you too.

And always following our philosophy… content and container.

In this context, we understand “content” as the knowledge and feeling that we bring to you when we provide our experience. And the “container” is the format and the space you choose, and for which we give you the content.   One format could be for a unique place. Another could be a journey through several spaces to put together a route.

In summary:

We offer you experiences that take place in unique and singular spaces.

Do you need help finding a specific type of space? We’ll help you.

Contact us, we want to prove it to you

Through this immersion in the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a good time and taking away an experience you will never forget, you offer the families who make their living from their cultural heritage the chance to continue doing so.

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