Make a classic of Mallorcan cuisine

Live the experience of picking the oranges directly from the tree. And then... you will make a time-old recipe for orange marmalade in a craft workshop.

A gastronomic delicacy from Mallorca: bitter orange marmalade

Mallorca Native teaches you about the Island's cuisine

Orange groves for as far as the eye can see, the impressive mountains that form this well-known valley and a horizon of pure blue sea unite some of the most beautiful and picturesque spots in all of Mallorca.

As you enter the town called Sóller, you will find yourself feeling gradually intoxicated by a heady range of sensations that evoke Nature and the Mediterranean.

Have you ever picked oranges directly from the tree?
Perhaps there is not much countryside near where you live, or the weather is not so good.
Do you know any recipes from Mallorcan cuisine, beyond those that everybody knows?
A classic of Mallorca’s cuisine is bitter orange marmalade.
Perhaps you’ve never had the time to make it or you don’t know the method to follow.

We want to share with you a pleasure that is both simple and unforgettable:
taking a stroll through an orange grove. Moreover, a variety of types!

You will learn many things about this common fruit.
You can take a seat whilst trying all the oranges you fancy and, above all, allowing yourself to be filled with the vitality and harmony of this place.

To end the visit and gather your strength as you sip a freshly squeezed orange juice with a “pa amb oli”, you can chat with the owners of the place to learn about the history of their plantation and their family.

Once rested, we will teach you how to make authentic orange marmalade.
In a craft workshop, we will make homemade bitter orange marmalade “step by step”.
And do you know the best part? You get to take a jar home with you!
This will be, without a doubt, your best memory of visiting the Island.

Through this immersion into the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a great time and bringing you an experience that you will never forget, you will offer families who show their cultural day-to-day legacy, the opportunity to continue to do so.

Contact us, and we can adapt the experience to your needs.