We write about the planned cultural activities on the island, and its ethnic and cultural background.

We are native inhabitants and know the island’s unwritten traditions.

Our objective is to surprise you.

La mejor ensaimada del mundo

Sant Francesc Bakery, Inca. Awarded the best ensaimada in the world.

“Broad beans are baked in every oven”, but in Mallorca there is no doubt that, as well as bread, they also bake biscuits, coca de patata, ensaimadas, crespells, robiols y doblegats. Not all ovens are the same, but each and every one of them smells of a history filled with work and humility. We drool

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Fideos de Es Vermar. Binissalem.

The origin of the “Es Vermar” noodles. Binissalem

The word tradition comes from the Latin traditio, and it defines the collection of cultural goods which are passed on within a community from generation to generation. We are talking about those customs that each society values and which they maintain so that they can be learned by new generations as an indispensable part of

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