Feel-good craft activities

Experimenting with crafts is reconnecting to the land, the sea and to raw materials.

Tell us what kind of handicraft you would like to experience on Mallorca.

We are craftsmen who create craft experiences for groups.

Traditional craftsmanship is the most evident demonstration of a location’s cultural heritage.

Expressions of traditional craftsmanship are the heart of a community.

Consider for a moment…. tools, clothing, jewellery, containers, musical instruments, household goods and much more…

Each and every one of them is a traditional product that is directly related to the traditions of a place.

The main obstacle to the preservation of traditional crafts is globalisation.

Have you noticed that all traditional products are made from the most basic materials?

Fire, wood, earth, copper and iron are the source of all the wonders created by the hands of artisans.

What kind of activity would you like to try? An experience that transports you to the most fragile part of Mallorca’s cultural heritage or one that connects you to its most primordial sensations?

The craft activities offered on the island of Mallorca are an essential attraction…

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