Mallorca's cuisine, an extensive and powerful legacy.

Through our experience, we want to show you where the foods come from and how they are cooked.
Why not? Also cook and taste them!

Get to know traditional dishes from the sea and the land, from winter and summer.

Mallorca Native connects you with authentic cuisine and with those who make it.

Good food is considered one of life’s pleasures.
It feeds us, delights us and brings us together around the table.
If there is one element that seduces anyone who visits a place, it is the traditional food of the area.

As far as Mallorcan cuisine is concerned, the island boasts recipes from both the sea and the land.
All of them show us how peasants, fishermen or shepherds turned the little they had into a traditional delicacy.

Recipes created with little more than a few ingredients, a slow fire and a lot of love.

“The other side of the coin” of Mallorca’s culinary scene is a range of different ingredients and demanding dishes.
Traditional recipes originating from the wealthiest families.

We like to take old popular recipes out of their box, with all the unwritten tradition that revolves around them.

We lift the lid of the pot so that our guests know what’s inside it.
We organise culinary tours as though we were telling you a story.
And best of all, you’re the protagonist.

From start to finish, a common thread will introduce you from one stage to another to discover a dish and get to know who prepared it, as well as how and when it was prepared.
Be adventurous and prepare the dish yourself and, of course, you are welcome to try it.
Shall we go?
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