Talaiots and mills of Mallorca

Talaiot and mill, reference constructions on the island of Mallorca from prehistoric and more contemporary times.

The talayots are the most emblematic constructions of Balearic prehistory

We take you on a journey from prehistoric times to the present day in Mallorca

Accompanied by an archaeologist, we will visit one of the most important archaeological sites in Majorca and we will see a collection of prehistoric.

We will see a collection of prehistoric artefacts housed inside a mill. 


We will learn about the great differences between the Balearic population of this period and the populations of the rest of the Mediterranean: they were not warriors and had no hierarchy?

Could we say that the prehistoric Balearic people were the first hippies in history?


A stroll to the centre of the village will take us to a private house.

Margarita, its owner, will show us typical antique furniture of great economic and ethnographic value.

In addition, as the owner of an art gallery, she will show us her collection of impressionist and abstract paintings by the most renowned Mallorcan artists that decorate her house.

And finally, we will visit a privately owned mill, magnificently restored.

Onofre, its owner, a third-generation miller, will explain how the mill works and how wheat flour is made.

Once we have finished our walk, we will have gained an in-depth knowledge of a talayot and a mill, two of Mallorca’s most important constructions from prehistoric and contemporary times.

Through this immersion in the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a good time and taking away an experience you will never forget, you offer the families who make their living from their cultural heritage the chance to continue doing so.

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