Bespoke experiences

More than activities, we organise “bespoke” experiences

We call ourselves “tailors of bespoke experiences”

We design ethnographic immersions in Mallorca within the parameters requested by our clients

Excellence is achieved through “bespoke” experiences

We love creating routes, experiences and any “bespoke” activity

We organise ”bespoke” experiences which are an authentic cultural and ethnographic immersion in Mallorca within the parameters requested by our clients. We satisfy their wishes by being creative and offering original and, above all, natural suggestions.

We understand the design of bespoke experiences in Mallorca as an essential ingredient.
Do you know why? Because Mallorca offers endless tours and activities to all of its visitors.
But our obsession is to show the authentic Mallorca, the one which is revealed in more intimate and hidden spaces.

What we have in mind when we design bespoke tours, activities or experiences for a customer is giving them suggestions which are totally different from the rest. Not just in terms of content, but also in continent.

We know where and when to find the artisans. We are also artisans…
Artisans of bespoke ethnographic experiences in Mallorca.

You only have to tell us about the profile of the group of guests and what feelings you would like them to experience.

Once we have collected your views, we reconfirm that we have understood them 100%.
We look for the activity, the person and the setting that best suits your wishes.
We present the idea to you, and then we mould it until we see a smile on your face.

We call ourselves “tailors of bespoke experiences”.
This can only be achieved with patience and persistence.
Be assured that we won’t stop taking measurements until we find the perfect fit.