Gastronomic experience of Mallorca for the five senses

You will try Mallorcan cuisine, you will taste the wines from a winery with vintage wines, you will smell and touch the soil and its vine. You will listen to the whispers of nature. You will absorb classic Mallorca.

Gastronomy and wines of Mallorca

We share our island and its culture with you

Mallorca’s gastronomy goes far beyond sobrasada cured sausages and ensaimadas.

These are the best known typical Mallorcan foods, but in reality, there are infinite “unknown culinary wonders”.

Due to the extremely broad range of sweet and savoury options offered by Mallorcan cuisine, it is not possible to fully discover it in just one experience; but it is possible to delve into it a little further.

We want to show you more than just the “typical clichés”.

Bárbara is the generous host who shares her small paradise with anyone who visits.

The vines of her winery. She will tell us herself about her lifetime project and will allow us to enjoy it.

 Have you heard of the term “biodynamic wine”? With the desire to hand down fertile and rich soils to future generations, it is about managing the vineyards based on a dialogue with nature.

Expression of the soil-climate-variety triangle.

This is the reason why we have chosen this small Mallorcan winery.

After discovering its work, we will enjoy its wines and something else…

Would you like to try the typical food of Mallorcan families?

Imagine yourself in the middle of the countryside and surrounded by the vines, trying the typical food and wine of Mallorca.

Right there, the real thing, without any type of decoration other than the pure sky, soil and sun.

And witnessed by a hundred-year-old mill. Witness of yesterday and today.

Once the body and soul has been fed, we will leave. But always with the desire to return.

Through this immersion in the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a good time and taking away an experience you will never forget, you offer the families who make their living from their cultural heritage the chance to continue doing so.

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We adapt the experience to your needs.