About us


I was born in Mallorca. My island, its traditions and responsible tourism are my passions.

We create traditional experiences. Would you like to meet the uniqueness of Mallorca?

The most important thing isn’t who we are. The most important thing is whether we’re the people you need.

When you get in touch with us, we’ll listen to you to find out.

We help companies who are looking for unique activities to offer their customers.

Mainly, we focus on activities related to the culture, tradition and gastronomy of Mallorca. Although we also offer creative team building activities.

In any case, if you want us to help you to organise another type of activity in Mallorca, we can help you!

Thanks to our extensive experience in the world of tourism, we have a long list of partners.

We are always available to listen and to solve your problems.

I am Leonor Amengual, tourism marketing professional.

I have spent the last seventeen years of my life working in this area; creating products/services; organising private and corporate events; and leading sales and marketing for tourism companies.

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We are creators of experiences.

Creativity, knowledge and experience applied to the tourism sector.

We are creators of experiences.

Creativity, knowledge and experience applied to the tourism sector.

Mallorca Native was born out of the need to unite my two greatest passions: Mallorcan tradition and responsible tourism.

We design authentic local experiences for people who want to meet the essence of the island.

We offer tourism which is mindful of its surroundings and of our clients. We give them the authentic Mallorca to discover.

In all our tasks, we never forget our values…

Creativity. We apply creativity to every project. Each task carried out is unique.

Originality. That which exists, already exists. Learning the rest is positive, but copying is not.

The people are the heart of a project. The blueprints for our strategies, marketing campaigns or experiences are designed based on the concerns of the people who are going to create them and those that are going to receive them.

We are experts at creating “bespoke outfits”.

Social Responsibility. All our providers are small or medium-sized businesses and foundations.

In this way, we ensure that our work has a direct impact on the island and on disadvantaged people or those at risk of exclusion.

If you need help organising an authentic experience, contact us.

It is a pleasure.