Craft tour in Mallorca. Let’s explore!

In Mallorca, fabrics and ceramics are made by hand. Learn about their origin and production with local artisans. Share anecdotes and knowledge with them.

An artisan is like an open book of local culture

We are natives and we want to share our crafts with you

Mallorcan craftsmanship is known, among other things, for “llengües fabrics” and “ikat” ceramics.

Globalisation has caused a decline in artisanal production.

Despite this, Mallorca is undergoing a change in trend.

Younger generations of artisans are trying to bring a lot of local products back to the streets and shops.

Inland on the Island, local crafts.

Has anyone told you how highly recommended it is to visit the inland of the island of Mallorca?

Perhaps you’ve heard it mentioned and thought that you just want to experience something that you can’t enjoy where you are from: the marvellous coves of crystalline water…

We’ll let us tell you, you’re wrong.

With this experience of craftsmanship, along with the traditional Mallorcan fabrics and ceramics, you’ll get a feel for life in an inland town.

Upon reaching the “Des Raiguer” region, you’ll see a picturesque town with old houses and narrow alleys.

Traditional Mallorcan fabrics: Ikat

The manufacture of ikat still survives in Mallorca. This dates back to ancestral times in the eastern part of the island.

In Mallorcan, ikat fabric is known as “teles de llengües”.

There are still three families on the island that manufacture these textiles with cotton or silk fibres and artisan dyes. They have decorated, and continue to decorate, the great houses of Mallorca.

On this visit to the century-old workshop, our guests will be greeted by the artisans who create the textiles.

A family that has been dedicated to this art for four generations. 

They will show guests the machines and demonstrate how they work and will point out the unchanged characteristics of these textiles.

We guarantee that you’ll be amazed.

Let’s explore!

Between each craft workshop that you visit, you will be able to enjoy a stroll that has “0% emissions” and is “100% Mediterranean”.

You will feel that time has stopped; the hustle bustle of the city has not spread this far.

The essence of Mallorca remains.

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