Paint a picture by Joan Miró. Awaken your creativity.

Are you familiar with Joan Miró? Have you ever painted one of his pictures? If you think you can’t paint a picture, you’re wrong. We’ll show you how. Just let your creativity flow.

You don't need to be an artist to create

We help you to awake your inner artist

Are you familiar with Joan Miró? Have you ever painted one of his pictures?

We want to bring art to work groups who come to Mallorca, through an artistic, fun and social experience.

Do you know how? By painting a picture by the internationally renowned Joan Miró.

Why Joan Miró? Because he spent a large part of his life, and did the majority of his works, on the island of Mallorca.

We create a time to switch off completely

When the group enters the workshop, each of its members will find their place with the tools they need to create their own work of art.

They’ll sit and listen to the tips that our artist, María, gives us.  

She’ll introduce us to the personality and work of Joan Miró.

Then, she’ll show us the painting we’ll do and the steps to follow.

Connect with your inner artist through Joan Miró

It’s never easy to start with. And going from a white canvas to the colour of Joan Miró isn’t either.

However, once you get started, everything will flow. Surrounded by your colleagues’ comments and opinions of our teacher, little by little, you’ll portray your own version of the original picture on your canvas.

It might be the same, or it might be different. It just depends on you.


As a final takeaway from the session, you ‘ll see graphically how each person has a personal interpretation of a single image. 

In other words, each member of your team has a very personal vision and experience of a same situation.

And one further conclusion… you can do anything, even if you haven’t done it before.

You just need to challenge yourself to do it.

You don’t need to be an artist to have a good time, but you can awaken the artist within!

Through this immersion in the culture and ethnography of Mallorca, in addition to having a good time and taking away an experience you will never forget, you offer the families who make their living from their cultural heritage the chance to continue doing so.

Get in touch and tell us when you want to paint your picture. Click here.

We adapt the experience to your needs.

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