Sant Francesc Bakery, Inca. Awarded the best ensaimada in the world.

“Broad beans are baked in every oven”, but in Mallorca there is no doubt that, as well as bread, they also bake biscuits, coca de patata, ensaimadas, crespells, robiols y doblegats.

Not all ovens are the same, but each and every one of them smells of a history filled with work and humility. We drool by just talking about any of them, but we save our appetite for the horno de Sant Francesc in Inca.

This is a family wood oven with over 100 years of history, and stories to tell.
Located in the old quarter of Inca, it is considered one of the most symbolic ovens of the town.

They say that the best perfumes are kept in the smallest bottles and, in this case, we can prove the truthfulness of the saying, as even though there is not much space, all we need to do is enter the bakery to feel ourselves enveloped
by sweetness and tradition.

Maintaining a family business in such a fast-changing world is really complicated. When Joan Seguí’s father, the current owner of the bakery, decided to sell the business which had already been going for two generations, Joan
made one of the most important decisions of his life, to continue sweetening the people and become the third generation of bakers.

As if it were an Olympic feat, in 2017 he was awarded the prize for the best ensaimada in the world, as well as being one of the 5 bakers that bake the best brown bread in Mallorca.

If that wasn’t enough, he managed to adapt to modern times, to new baking and to new technology.

His curiosity about social networks and the desire to show the world how to cook the bread and cakes that they bake every day, led him to create training on social networks.
Today, it has become the cake baking business with the most followers in the sector on Instagram. Enter and try them.

Within the bakery’s profile, we can view from how to make the cakes right to the results of the produce. But there is something we will never know: the recipe for making doblegats, a cake made from puff pastry, but not just any puff pastry. This is the best puff pastry in the world.

We are not the only ones who say this. Every person who has tried them at any time says the same.
Joan Seguí relies on help to create cakes and bread each day, but there is a certain time each day when the world stops. Alone and in silence, he converts the history of generations of his predecessors into dozens of puff pastry cases
filled with chocolate.

All families have secrets, and the one at the Forn de Sant Francesc will melt in the mouth of the most sweet-toothed among us.

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