Community management

We are creative and self-assertive community managers.

We bring all the experience acquired in offline sales to online communication channels.

We work for, and with, people. Our task is to plan messages and listen to the replies.

Managing a digital community means being part of it.

We would like to know yours.

If you have reached this point it is because you are aware of the importance of Digital Marketing strategies within organisations.

We won’t beat around the bush. We’re going to tell you the 8 things we can do for you:

1.- We create new social media for your business or product.We’ll help you to get started. But if your networks have already been created, don’t worry, we can analyse and adjust them so that you can get the maximum benefit from them.

2.- We create and manage quality content for social media.Your business is unique, and we will ensure that the content is

3.- We increase traffic to your website.We use strategies so that your website content reaches your target public through the different opportunities offered by social media.

4.- We plan digital marketing actions.Tell is what you want to achieve and by when, and we will take care of how.

We identify your brand or business ambassadors and work with them.They are your greatest allies, those that believe in you, your friends, family, acquaintances… They are the most loyal to your product, and through them, we will ensure you keep growing.

6.- We train you in the configuration or the management of your social media.Don’t worry. We’ll bring you up to date in one or two sessions so that you can gain the benefits yourself.

7.- We analyse and design new strategies to increase your social media community.

We analyse and work towards improving your online reputation.We’ll find out what people online say about you, your product or business, and we will design strategies to increase the community on your social media.

Working with online communities makes us adapt to the changes and unique requirements of each client. We would be delighted to adapt to your needs.